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A Jai Rodriguez Community [entries|friends|calendar]
Jai Rodriguez

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Yo. [07 Mar 2007|12:44pm]


Hey I'm new to this comm and Jai. I heard about Jai through a friend who recomended Zanna,Don't! to me. And I love Jai and his voice!! He is soo cute.


I've got a question. Would someone be willing to upload Jai's CD for me? Pretty please?^^

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Anyone in Miami tomorrow? [17 Nov 2006|04:59pm]

Jai-related; Miami event flyer. Click LJcut for photo.Collapse )

xposted to queereye.
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[21 Jun 2006|01:09am]
i hope jai has a great 27th birthday
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Jai's Movie Role [08 Jun 2006|09:29pm]

Does anyone have any info on the movie Jai's going to be in, "One Month In Hell"? All I know is that it's scheduled to start filming in September. But I can't find any thing else about it. Like release dates, synopsis, how big a role he has? I know it's supposed to be a lead role, but that can mean more than one thing.
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Mod post [16 Apr 2006|08:39pm]

Hey guys! Hope everyone's holidays are going well!

I have some bad-ish news. I've decided to leave this community. I still love Jai to pieces (see icon), but I don't want to be in charge of the community anymore since it's pretty much dead. Sooo, if anyone would like to be the new maintainer for the community, you can comment here or IM me at obuddha and it's yours. If more than one person wants to do it, than they can be co-mod. When you contact me for it I will give you the password.

Also, if in a week nobody claims it, then I am going to delete it.

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

<3 always,
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[08 Apr 2006|12:34am]

44 Broadway Stars

(this way!111)

bohoicons // join?
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vids of Jai [16 Feb 2006|07:55pm]

If you guys want to see some video clips of Jai, go to my myspace page www.myspace.com/fettygurl
I've got one clip of him from RENT, some guest appearances, and a few clips from his NY Club apprearances.
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yahoo group [16 Dec 2005|03:12pm]

I have started a yahoo group for Thom/Jai and Kyan/Carson fans. If you want to join go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tjkc_sideorder Thanks!

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Gaaaaaaaaaaah......... [05 Dec 2005|09:23am]

Hi guys. Total newbie. Joined a couple of days ago, unaware that there were THAT MANY comms for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

I'm totally desperate now.

Does anybody, anybody at all, have either the video, the mp3 or both of All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)? Neeeeeeeed help.

[x-posted to all the Queer Eye comms I'm joined in.]
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People en Espanol, November 2005 [15 Oct 2005|07:09pm]
Jai's column in People, November issueCollapse )
Hasn't been posted yet, has it? I haven't translated it but I could unless someone else wants to.
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Sex-ay [24 Sep 2005|12:09am]
Lift up your shirt a little more, Jai....Collapse )
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[08 Aug 2005|12:12am]

Praise Cheezus, I finally got the background picture to work! It's an older picture and I didn't really do much except mess with the colors to make it match the layout, but I like it. :)
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FAB 5 TV ALERT :) [04 Aug 2005|01:32pm]

I've just discovered that the boys will be on the WB Morning News tomorrow (the 5th). I don't know what time they will be on (those news shows are too damn long!) so check your TV guides. :)

x-posted to queereye
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Icons!! [03 Aug 2005|10:01pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

*pokes head* hello just thought I would drop off some icons. Take them if you want them just tell me ^-^



Under the Cut you go Collapse )

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[03 Aug 2005|12:38pm]

So, I changed the layout, cleaned it up a little. I had a picture for the side but LJ is being a bitch and the pic isn't showing up. I'm having the same problem on my personal journal as well. The pic used to be there and it's not anymore. I didn't change anything and both pics are on Photobucket, which usually works well. Anyhoo, enough about me and my problems. Just wanted to update. :)
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Jai HX interview [30 Jul 2005|01:37pm]
Jai is on the cover of the current issue of HX. He talks about his boyfriend, the bi rumour, the Rocco rumour, and his roles in OLTL and the Producers.
Jai on the cover and another another photo.

HX interviewCollapse )
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Jai and his boyfriend [26 Jul 2005|10:18am]
Jai and his boyfriend MarkCollapse )
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[13 Jul 2005|12:07pm]

Okay, so I'm looking for someone to make me a new layout for this community, because I suck at stuff like that. The current one is cute, but it's a little too pink and fangirly. I'm looking for something a little more sophisticated but still fun, preferably with some hot pic of Jai in the background. If anyone could help me, comment in my journal, because if you post it here, I might not see it, but I check my journal every day. Thank you for your time. <3
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Jai on "One Life to Live"? [09 Jul 2005|12:57am]

Someone posted this over at Compulsive Bowlers (a RENT message board):

"According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Jai will be playing a receptionist on OLTL on August 9th and 10th."

Anyone know anything about this?

X-Posted to queereye.
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[06 Jul 2005|12:38pm]

I'm like the worst mod of all time. I apologize for not posting more, to tell you the truth I sometimes forget about this comm! [/shame] Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know that I am in fact still alive, and to make it up to you all, I've come to let you know that there are new pictures of Jai (and the rest of the Fab 5, of course) on the Bravo site. <333
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